What are the differences between firmware 1.14.23 and 1.16.69?

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In July 2012 the firmware 1.16.69 was introduced into production for the systems PCD1.M2xx0, PCD2.M5xx0, PCD3.Mxxx0 and PCD3.Mxx60.

This FAQ lists the main differences between this firmware and the version 1.14.23 (and 1.16.69).


The main reasons for the introduction of the version 1.16.69 are the following improvements and corrections.

Firmware 1.16.69 (July 2012)

New features

  • Support of PCD7.R582 module

Main corrections

  • 'Resistors fails' error on the port 3 of the PCD3.M5340 (FAQ 101722)
  • Wrong 'ESIO' history entry for smart Ethernet RIO’s see (FAQ 101778)
  • Sporadically wrong temperature values on W745 Module if used without F-Box
  • Not possible to read values from specific M-Bus devices (FAQ 101762)
  • Restore from Flash (PCD3/7.R500) does not work if performed in PG5 (FAQ 101779)
  • The mapped input data from the IO's are not cleared correctly
    During start-up of the PCD, instead of clearing the correct media some other random medias where set to 0
  • Different enhancement and corrections on Modbus

Firmware 1.16.52 (November 2011)

New features

  • Support of the M-Bus modules PCD2.F27x0 and PCD3.F27x
  • Support of firmware download to F2xx modules

Main corrections

  • The restore from flash works correctly also if no extended header is present (see FAQ 101680)
  • Configuration of analogue modules PCDx.W525 in the Device Configurator lead to “No Response” on program download
  • S-Bus password could not be set in Parity mode over a gateway station
  • Heavily disturbed FDL networks could lead to a BUS ERROR of the PCD 
  • The onboard digital outputs (from PCD1.M2 and PCD3.M2) were cleared even if "don't clear outputs" was selected
  • Profi-S-I/O master did not work with more than 10 slaves (but "SIO FAIL 000" is indicated in the history)
  • Profi-S-I/O master did not work on PCD1.M2 and PCD3.Mxx60 if the master station address was higher than 22
  • The modem signal DCD on port 1 of a PCD3.Mxx60 was not read correctly

Firmware 1.16.45 (July 2011)

Main corrections

  • After the program has been restored on the Smart Ethenet RIO Manager the data exchange to the RIO was no longer working (only concerns PCD2.M5 and PCD3.Mxxx0) , see FAQ 101640

Firmware 1.16.42 (July 2011)

New features

  • Support of Smart Ethernet RIO PCD3.T665 | PCD3.T666
  • Media mapping data (for Ethernet RIO and local Media mapping) is cleared at the same time as the I/O reset is done (including Power-on)

Main corrections

  • When using a slow connection for an FTP transfer of big files the transfer could fail due to a timeout in the send process
  • Change the backup file name to: "progname_yymmddhhmm.sbak" (before the year was in the middle, making sorting more difficult)
  • PCD as Modbus RTU server (and a Siemens RTU is master) can stop answering requests after hours of operation
  • PCD as Modbus IP client could go in halt due to a Bus Error if an invalid Modbus frame has been received (with only the Modbus IP header but no data)

Firmware 1.16.27

New features

  • Program backup to file system including media content, see FAQ 101622
  • Extension memory backup size to flash has now a fixed size (256 kByte) without re-ducing the available memory for the user program, see FAQ 101623
  • The maximal length of an SMTP user name and password is extended to 128 characters, see FAQ 101590

Main corrections

  • If the file system of a blue memory card was filled to the last byte, it was possible that the file system was no longer available after a reboot, see COM11031 / FAQ 101559
  • If the SMTP servers stopps working while an Email is transmitted, the SMTP client could block, see FAQ 101610
  • The HMI Editor option "Support all media types" was not supported on the PCD1.M2120, see FAQ 101549
  • CSF InitDBItems could overwrite the subsequent DBs
  • USB connection failed sometimes after a firmware download
  • Answer to FTP command CWD returned the code 250 instead of 200
  • Download in Run of changed Steps or Transitions could lead to “INVALID OPCODE”
  • The IL instruction WTIME wrote an impossible time when called with an invalid value

Hardware compatibility of firmware 1.16.27


The firmware 1.16.27 requires a PCD equipped with 4 MB onboard flash (like the firmware 1.14.23). Therefore the minimal hardware versions for installing the 1.16.27 and later are:


 PCD Type Minimal hardware version for FW 1.16.xx
 PCD1.M2xx0  Hardware version A (no restriction)
 PCD2.M5xx0  Hardware version A (no restriction)
 PCD3.M3020, PCD3.M3120  Hardware version E modification 4 8 (E 48)
 PCD3.M2x30 (WAC and Compact) Hardware version A (no restriction)
 PCD3.M5xx0, PCD3.M6xx0,
 PCD3.M3230, PCD3.M3330,
 Hardware version D

For PCD3 systems older than listed the firmware 1.10.61 is the last firmware which can be installed on these systems. This firmware is and remains available on the support site in parallel to the 1.16.27.


  • When updating from 1.10.xx or 1.14.xx
    Please note that the user program, user program backup as well as the communication settings are lost during the firmware update from 1.10.xx or 1.14.xx to 1.16.xx 
  • BACnet applications
    The BACnet firmware compatible to firmware 1.16.42/45 is version 1.16.41. Please use the “Latest BACnet Firmware Package” (version 2) from the support site for PCD1.M2, PCD2.M5 and PCD3 systems in BACnet applications as usual (link below).


PCD3 / Mxxx

PCD1 / M2xx0

PCD2 / M5xxx

PCD3 / T665 | T666

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