On PCD2.M5 and PCD3 CPU's without Ethernet port and equipped with the FW 1.20.25, it's not possible to communicate over the port 0 and 1.

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Due of a firmware error on the COSinus FW 1.20.25 it’s not possible to communicate over RS232 on the

port 0 of the PCD2.M5440


port 1 of PCD3 CPU’s, but only on PCD’s without Ethernet port.


The error is fixed since the FW 1.20.31.


Also the FW 1.16.69 doesn’t have this error.

PCD’s equipped with a Ethernet port doesn’t have this error.


The concerned PCD’s are:

• PCD2.M5440 (port 0 / RS232)

• PCD3.M6440/M5440/M3230 (port 1 / PCD3.F121)

• PCD3.M3020 (port 1 / PCD3.F121)

• PCD3.M2030V6 (port 1 / PCD7.F121S)

• PCD3.M2230A4T5 (port 1 / PCD7.F121S)


Communication over RS485 works fine.




PCD3 / Mxxx

PCD2 / M5xxx

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