Why does the PCD2.R6000 not work if a PCD2.C2000 is used on the same system?

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In case a PCD2.R6000 (with a hardware version / modification before B1) is plugged on a PCD2.M5 which is extended with a PCD2.C2000 the file system on the SD card is not accessible.


The file system of a PCD2.R6000 is not accessible or visible if the R6000 is mounted on a PCD2.M5 which is extended with a PCD2.C2000 extension module. When connecting with an FTP client, the SLxFLASH is not visible at all.

Due to a hardware restriction of the PCD2.R6000 the module does not initialize correctly if a PCD2.C2000 is plugged.

This restriction is eliminated with hardware version B and hardware modification 1 (-->"B1"). This version is delivered since week 18 of 2010.
In case you are concerned by this restriction, please send your PCD2.R6000 to the repair service of SBC (with the remark "KR-PC-10-013"). This hardware update will be executed free of charge.

Please note that the same behaviour (R6000 does not work / is not detected; its LED "Diag" remains red) in case an analogue I/O module is plugged on the slot with I/O address 240. In this case, please remove the analogue I/O module from the slot with base address 240 (on this slot no analogue I/O module can be used as it would interact with the hardware watchdog of the PCD).



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