Why does a PCD7.F120 not work when used on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5?

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When mounting a PCD7.F120 into a PCD3.F121 / PCD3.F2xx or when using a PCD7.F120 on a PCD2.M5, the communication doesn't work. The reason therefore is an incompatibility between the PCD7.F120 and PCD3.Fxxx (or PCD2.M5) modules and the old .


After having mounted a PCD7.F120 into a PCD3.Fxxx or on a PCD2.M5, the communication doesn't work. No communication is possible using the relevant port.

The PCD7.F120 does require a power supply which is not present on the PCD3.Fxxx modules or on the sockets from PCD2.M5xxx / PCD2.M48x CPUs. This power supply is not present because the new communication module PCD7.F121 (which supports baud rates up to 115 kBit/s) doesn't require a power supply any more.

In case you are concerned by this problem just replace the PCD7.F120 by a PCD7.F121.

All modules PCD3.Fxxx ordered as RS232 module are delivered together with a PCD7.F121 (In fact, the PCD7.F120 has been replaced by the PCD7.F121). The only situation where a problem can occur is in case an (old) PCD7.F120 from an existing PCD system is mounted into a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5 / PCD2.M480.



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