Why do the output of the PCD2/3.W6x5 not deliver stable signals?

FAQ #102014

Depending of the hardware version of the W6x5 module and the I/O slot where the W6x5 module is plugged in, it’s possible that the analog output signal supplied from the W6x5 is not stable and is oscillating.

The outputs of the PCD2/3.W6x5 do not deliver stable signals when placed on I/O slot 15 if hardware version B of the W6x5 is used.
If FBoxes are used for writing to the outputs, the FBox indicates temporarily an error.

The W6x5 modules with hardware version B are not correctly handling the Watchdog output (O 255).
Note that this is only the case if the module is placed on I/O slot 15 (base address 240). On all other slots the modules work correctly.

This problem is solved with hardware version A or C and newer of the PCD2.W6x5 or PCD3.W6x5 respectively.


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