On the Profibus-DP or Profi-S-I/O master it isn't possible to read or write registers with address > 4095 from the slave

FAQ #100927

On the master PCD the I/O mapping to Register 4096 until Register 16'383 for RIO-networks (Profibus DP or Profi-S-I/O) doesen't work on PCD3 and PCD2.M480 and PCD2.M5xx0 systems with firmware version 1.08.23.


When using addresses between 4096 to 16383 on the maser PCD for reading/writing medias of Profibus-DP / Profi-S-I/O slaves, no values can be read from these slaves. The relevant registers are not updated by the Profibus or S-I/O task in this case.
This problem does only occur with firmware versions 1.08.xx until version 1.08.31; it is therefore even possible that a project correctly runs until the firmware of the Profi-S-I/O or Profibus DP master PCD has been updated. 

The reason for this behavior is an incorrect mapping on the Profibus-DP / Profi-S-I/O master done by the firmware of the CPU. This behaviour has been introduced in version 1.08.xx (pilot versions already in 1.07.xx) and is solved in version 1.08.34 and later.

Please update the firmware of your

  • PCD3 to 1.10.16 or later
  • PCD2.M5 to 1.10.16 or later
  • PCD2.M480 to 1.08.53 or later

If this is not possible for some reason, only use adresses R 0 - R 4095 to map the modules. 



PCD3 / Wxxx

PG5 2.0 / Profibus DP

PCD3 / T760

PG5 2.0 / Profi-S-I/O

PCD2 / M5xxx

PCD2 / M48x

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