Why does the S-I/O communication no longer work on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5?

FAQ #101244

If there is a SIO-Master and a DP-Master configured the SIO-Master does not go in the "Operate" state to make the data exchange.


It can happen with the firmware version 1.10.16 that a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5 does not work as SIO-Master if they are also DP-Master.

This behavior is solved with the version 1.10.51 or newer (the first version which corrected this situation was 1.10.20). Please update the firmware of your PCD in order to solve this issue.



PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

PCD3 / _Firmware Classic

PG5 2.0 / Profi-S-I/O

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