• PCD2.M170

  • Central processing units


PCD1 | PCD2 Hardware

Manual 26-737 PCD1 | PCD2 Hardware

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Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

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Current official production firmware version 0F1 (April 2010) | PCD2.M170

Firmware Current official production firmware version 0F1 (April 2010) | PCD2.M170

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Firmware summary until current version 0F1 | PCD2.M170

History Document Firmware summary until current version 0F1 | PCD2.M170

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PCD2.M170 | Version description (SWER) of current version 0F1

System Overview PCD2.M170 | Version description (SWER) of current version 0F1

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GSD Files

Software GSD Files

GSD files for SBC slaves

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Technical Reports

EN 50 081-2 electromagnetic emission

Info EN 50 081-2 electromagnetic emission

Actions for the correct mounting of components with electromagnetic emission

according to EN 50 081-2 used in residential applications.

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Good to know

In case an Ethernet module PCD7.F65x is used on the PCD, the firmware 0F0 must not be used due to a bug in the firmware. Please update to version 0F1.

Please note that PCD7.R400 modules delivered after April 2010 require the PCD2.M170 firmware version 0F0 or later.

PCD3 LIO and PCD2.M17x: to use addresses in the range 256 to 511, CPU's with production date 0331or later have to be used, or older CPU's that have been returned for modification.

PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

  • Why does the PCD2.M5540 show the history error message 'FABINFO CRC FAIL' or the entry 'Fab. Date (year/week): 2000/00; BAD PROD INFO CHECKSUM' in the diagnostic file and in the hardware info of the PG5 Online configurator? (FAQ #102040)
  • Why the RS-485 S-Bus communication between the PCD master and the slave does fail sometime, if FW 1.28.20…1.28.33 is used? (FAQ #102026)
  • PCD Firmware 1.28.16 or 1.24.69 fix the Ethernet frame padding information leakage (FAQ #102011)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.28.11 and FW 1.28.37? (FAQ #102010)
  • Lon Bindings lost after power off / on with FW 1.26.15 (FAQ #101999)
  • What are the differences between the COSinus firmwares FW 1.24.67 and FW 1.26.31? (FAQ #101987)
  • What is the meaning of the PCD history entry ‘FWDnld UnknownFW’? (FAQ #101959)
  • How to find more information based on the error message "SF not loaded"? (FAQ #101568)
  • What does CSF stand for? (FAQ #101566)
  • Which hardware revision of the PCD2.M5_ is needed for firmware 1.14.23? (FAQ #101490)
  • What are the differences between firmware 1.10.51 and 1.14.23? (FAQ #101470)
  • Why can't I send more than 512 bytes using the STXT instruction? (FAQ #101468)
  • Can I have more than 16 COBs? (FAQ #101467)
  • Why is the error bit 7 or 8 set when I try to execute a "Backup DB to flash"? (FAQ #101466)
  • What are the differences between firmware 1.10.16 and 1.10.51? (FAQ #101422)
  • How to define a comma as separator in interpreted texts? (FAQ #101392)
  • Potential data loss on SD cards bigger than 256 MBytes (FAQ #101377)
  • Overview of the current production firmware versions (FAQ #101304)
  • What does "Saia PCD® COSinus" stand for? (FAQ #101297)
  • How to implement a software watchdog (FAQ #101285)
  • Why does the S-I/O communication no longer work on a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5? (FAQ #101244)
  • What is the "WebServer2" on Saia PCD® COSinus systems? (FAQ #101191)
  • Can I calulate with IEEE floating point values on a PCD system? (FAQ #101188)
  • Can I read a value from a PCD text and copy it into a register? (FAQ #101187)
  • Is it possible to search an expression within a PCD text? (FAQ #101186)
  • Why do I sporadically get communication errors when connecting a PCD/PCS in "Secure S-Bus Data Mode"? (FAQ #101180)
  • The XOB 8 is no longer called on the systems Saia PCD® COSinus. (FAQ #101137)
  • What criterias are to be fulfilled for sending e-Mails from the PCD? (FAQ #101054)
  • Why do I get a "68k add Error" when writing a text on the S-Web Server? (FAQ #101049)
  • Why is the message: "Failed to get data on alarm.exe" displayed on the alarming page? (FAQ #100963)
  • Is it possible reading the PCD "IP address" from the user program? (FAQ #100952)
  • How does the system watchdog work? (FAQ #100908)
  • Why are broadcast telegramms not working anymore on the PCD3 or PCD2.M480 (FAQ #100798)
  • New firmware version names for Saia PCD® COSinus systems (a.bb.cc) (FAQ #100741)
  • Different handling of the TBSY flag (in MC mode) between PCD3 / PCD2.M5 and older systems (FAQ #100655)
  • Booter update on PCD2.M150 (FAQ #100606)
  • Firmware download on a PCD2.M150 (FAQ #100598)
  • S-Bus Slave on Port 3 doesn't work with FW 020 on the M480 (FAQ #100389)
  • lose Hardware settings after Firmware update (FAQ #100366)
  • FW depending differences in the handling of the diagnosic flags (FAQ #100321)
  • Incompatibility of old FW and new Profibus DP configurator (FAQ #100319)
  • Which Flash chip to use for which usage? (FAQ #100309)
  • Error LED of PCD is lit! How to find the problem? (FAQ #100269)
  • What EPROM burner is recommended to create firmware chips for PCD's? (FAQ #100256)
  • Baudrate limitation on serial ports (FAQ #100252)
  • Communication interface isn't reset on SW watchdog restart with option XOB0 enabled (FAQ #100243)
  • Software Watchdog mustn't be used with FW 0C1 on PCD2.M150! (FAQ #100218)
  • Firmware version naming of non-Saia PCD® COSinus systems (FAQ #100176)
  • Not all History entries can be found in the Online Help of PG5 (FAQ #100173)
  • Why is the instruction DSP not supported on Saia PCD® COSinus systems? (FAQ #100034)

Communication / LON (FTT10)

  • LON Work: how many variables SNVT can be used on a PCD/PCS ? (FAQ #101296)
  • Can I run BACnet and LON on the same PCD at the same time? (FAQ #101216)
  • Why it’s not possible to make the binding with the LonMaker to a PCS1? (FAQ #101132)
  • How to configure a LON interface on a PCD1 / PCD2? (FAQ #101075)

PCD2 / M1xx

  • On a PCD2.M4560 or PCD3.W5560, why the measured PT100 temperature values are not correct if the PT100 sensors are connected to PCD2.W220Z18 or PCD3.W220Z18 modules? (FAQ #102052)
  • Why do the output of the PCD2/3.W6x5 not deliver stable signals? (FAQ #102014)
  • Why is the modem "MDLS144 onbit" no longer working on a new PCD? (FAQ #101718)
  • Until when can a PCD2.M120 be reparied? (FAQ #101482)
  • Why do I get a "DUART HW ERROR" on PCD2.M150 after restart? (FAQ #101395)
  • Why does the IP communication not work with firmware 0F0? (FAQ #101384)
  • Why does my PCD1 no longer start (due to a "Text segment error") after downloading a project with PG5 2.0? (FAQ #101379)
  • Firmware dependencies for the "DB Access Library" (FAQ #101372)
  • Meaning of the error codes for DB backup to flash (FAQ #101284)
  • Is Modbus supported by Saia PCD®s? (FAQ #101270)
  • "Send SMS extended" FBox and PCD1.M1x0 and PCD2.M110/120 (FAQ #101163)
  • RAM chip types to be used as user memory on a PCD1.M1xx or PCD2.M1xx (FAQ #101100)
  • What is the minimum distance between PCD2.Mxxx CPUs and PCD2.C1xx extension rack? (FAQ #100892)
  • Is possible to use two TCP/IP modules on a PCD CPU? (FAQ #100785)
  • Firmware download on a PCD2.M150 (FAQ #100598)
  • Is it possible to download an xx7 firmware to a classic PCD and invers? (FAQ #100557)
  • Can I use the same GSD File for PCD2.M170 as for PCD4.M170 (FAQ #100412)
  • Functional limitation regarding the use of the modem library (FAQ #100392)
  • PCD2.M170 or PCS1: WEB Server works only if a WEB project is downloaded in the PCD! (FAQ #100380)
  • Which Flash chip to use for which usage? (FAQ #100309)
  • PCD2.M150F650: Cannot go online via TCP/IP (FAQ #100270)
  • What is the max. size of DBs/TEXTs in the extension memory of PCD2.M170/480 with a PCD7.R400 memory module? (FAQ #100266)
  • Software Watchdog mustn't be used with FW 0C1 on PCD2.M150! (FAQ #100218)
  • Firmware version for PCD7.F650 and PCD2.M480 (FAQ #100189)
  • PCD7.D7xx terminal works on PGU port of PCD2.M110 but not on PGU port of PCD2.M150! (FAQ #100188)
  • Corrupted Flash user memory makes writing HW settings or program impossible (FAQ #100146)
  • "COM O 255" for Watchdog on a system with PCD3.Cxxx might cause problems (FAQ #100101)

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