Why are the inputs 8100 and 8101 continously "high" in my fupla file?

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It is possible to use the interrupt inputs (Int0 = i 8100; Int1 = i 8101) of a PCD2.M5xxx or PCD3.Mxxxx as normal input without using the corresponding interrupt XOB.


When using I8100 or I8101 in Fupla they are high ("1") even no tension is applied on them; the visualized states of these inputs in a fupla page don't correspond to the real state on the contact Int0 and Int1.

The reason for this situation is that Fupla does not correctly show the states.


  • Work-around
    In Fupla page you can add an "Binary Move" Fbox and use the output of this one as state of input 8100 (8101) as shown below  
  • In PG5 2.0 this problem is corrected in PG5 2.0 SP1 (PG5 2.0.150)
  • For PG5 1.4 no correction is foreseen; the work-around explained above can be used in order to visualize the states of the I/O.

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