Is Modbus supported by Saia PCD®s?

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Yes, Modbus is supported by the firmware of recent Saia PCD® systems (on all ports, including the ones on F2xx modules since beginning of 2011) or by a dedicated FBox driver.


There are two possibilities to use Modbus on SBC CPUs (Classic versions).

  • The new FBox library for Modbus "Modbus SBC Version" which takes advantage of the Modbus implementation directly in the Saia PCD® COSinus firmware.
    Available for PCD1.M2, PCD3 and PCD2.M5 with firmware version 1.10.16 or more recent (for using on F2xx modules, in minimum FW 1.14.23 is required).
  • The Modbus FBox Library from our partner ENGIBY which is available since several years ( and supported also by PCD systems previous to the PCD3, PCD2.M5xxx and PCD1.M2xxx families (e.g. PCD2.M1x0, PCD2.M480 or PCD1.M1xx).


  • In order to use the firmware implementation of Modbus on PCD2.F2xxx or PCD3.F2xx modules, the following prerequisites need to be fullfilled:
    - minimal PCD firmware: 1.14.25 (1.14.23 does support the F2xx modules, but
      communication errors can occur)
    - minimal hardware version of the F2xx(x) module: version D (delivered since beginning 2011) 
  • The FBoxes for "Modbus SBC Version" are available for download from the support site since July 2009.
    In PG5 2.0.110 and later the "Modbus SBC Version" is installed by default. Please note that a licence is required for this library.


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