What are the differences between firmware 1.10.16 and 1.10.51?

FAQ #101422

In May 2010 the firmware 1.10.51 has been introduced into production for the PCD2.M5xx0 and the PCD3.Mxxx0. This FAQ lists the main differences between these versions.


New features

  • The Serial-S-Bus mode “Parity master” is now supported on all serial ports of the PCD, see FAQ 101103

Main corrections

  • Increased stability for BACnet upload/merge (requires BACnet firmware version 1.10.50), see FAQ 101417
  • Correction which avoids potential data loss on the SD cards when a card with more than 256 kBytes capacity is filled by 70%, see FAQ 101377
    In case an SD card is used on the PCD, the update of the firmware to the version 1.10.51 is strongly recommended!
  • Avoided inter-character delay on port 2 and 3 (PCD2.M5) or 0 and 3 (PCD3) which could lead to communication problems, see FAQ 101382
  • A Bus Error could occur in some specific cases, see FAQ 101418
  • Reading Ni1000 sensors with a PCD2/3.W340 by the media mapping returned wrong values, see FAQ 101416
  • Profi-S-I/O and Profibus DP Master did not work, see FAQ 101244


PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

PCD3 / _Firmware Classic

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