Not all History entries can be found in the Online Help of PG5

FAQ #100173

Some history entries introduced in new firmware versions can't be found in the Online Debugger Help nor in the online help of the Online Configurator.


Below you can find recently introduced History entries that can't be found in the Help files of PG5 versions older than PG5 1.3:

History EntryMeaningRemark
MEM-EXT. ERRORExtension memory corruptedReplaces "BAD TXT/DB TABLE"
CONFIG TOO LONG HW setting to long to be put in EEPROM  Replaces "BAD MODEM STRING"
WATCHDOG FAILRestart due to SW Watchdog was executed
IPM NOT PRESENT There is an IP configuration but no IP module
IPM DONT RESTARTPCD has restarted but the IP module does not respond
IPM HAS OLD FW  The IP module FW is not compatible with the PCD FW
IP FAIL SASITEXTThere is an error in the SASI text
IP FAIL SASI DBXThere is an error in the node list configuration DBX
IP FAIL NO IPMAn IP function has been carried out, but the PCD has no IP configuration
IP FAIL TOUT    Incorrect timeout value in Ether-S-Bus master SASI text
IP FAIL PORT NbrIncorrect port number in Ether-S-Bus master SASI text
Included text >3Text nesting depth overflow
The SBUS PGU Port defined in the HW Settings isn't physically present 

Error Messages concerning PCD1.M2, PCD2.M480, PCD2.M5xx0 and PCD3.Mxxx0 systems (SBC-NT)

History EntryMeaning.
Media corruptionThis message indicates that the onboard RAM has been corrupted (becaused of a discharged superCap, bad Battery or similar).
If this message is shown, all medias (R, C, F) are reset to 0, the clock is reset and the program is restored from the onboard flash (if possible).
This entry has been replaced in firmware version 1.10.04 by "Memory Lost nn" 
Memory Lost nnReplacement message for "Media Corruption", but with more detailed informaton why the user program was restored and the media reset (since FW version 1.10.04): 
01: Bad or missing battery
02: Supercap voltage too low
03: Corrupted memory pattern/signature
04: RAM memory cleared by user (push button)
05: RAM and flash memory cleared by push button
06: Corrupted program header
Not RUN on xx7HWThe HW is a xx/ type; the FW doesn't run the program on this HW
SYS. TYPE ERROR The HW system type isn't correct
Reg>4095 not supThe FW doesn't support more than 4095 registers
SF NOT LOADED System function (CSF) isn't present
CSF INV PAR NBRInvalide CSF parameter number
DOUBLE TIME BASE Timebase defined more than once
XOB Nbr to bigXOB (Exception Organisation Block) number is too big
COB Nbr to bigCOB (Cyclic Organisation Block) number is too big
FB Nbr to bigFB (Function Block) number is too big
PB Nbr to big    PB (Program Block) number is too big
IST Nbr to bigIST (Initial STep) number is too big
ST Nbr to bigST (STep) number is too big
TR Nbr to bigTR (TRansition) number too big
SB Nbr to bigSB (Sequential Block) number too big
FABINFO CRC FAIL Invalid CRC in the fabrication information. Please contact SBC
SYSWDOG STARTRestart due to SW Watchdog executed
NO COBNo COB loaded
EXTHDR EEPR FAIL Error in the EEPROM extended header
IP SB GWY FAILTCP/IP SBus gateway can't be initialised
IP Ch xxx no memNo memory to open the channel on the TCP/IP Open data mode
MODEM: UART failUART doesn't accept the configuration
MODEM: Reset failError on the modem reset command
MODEM: No modemNo modem or defective modem equipped on the port
MODEM: Init failError on modem initialisation
MODEM: ERROR???Unknown modem error
DIFF CFG Ch xDifferent configuration on Profi-S-Net port x. Verify the configuration of the port
PS FAIL SASI DBXError in the node list configuration DBX
PS FAIL TOUT Incorrect timeout value in Profi-S-Bus master SASI text
PS FAIL SAPIncorrect SAP number in Profi-S-Bus master SASI text
PSM NOT PRESENTProfi-S-Net (Profibus) configuration but no Profi-S-Net (Profibus) existent 
PSBus GWY FAILProfi-S-Bus GWY can't be initialized

Profi-S-Bus PGU port can't be initialized

SWTO ERRORSystem Watchdog Timeout Error, see FAQ 100908 and 101069 
BUS ERRORInternal memory access failed. Please contact your local support team, see FAQ 101069 

TCPIP-Stack crash. Please contact your local support team

KRNL ERRORInternal task overload. Please contact your local support team, see 101069 
BACnet incompatible FWThe BACnet firmware found on the PCDx.R56x module is not compatible with the PCD firmware. Please update the BACnet firmware (see FAQ: 101010)
This message is only given with firmware version 1.10.16 and later.
Bnt FAIL TL00001 An error occurred in relation to the BACnet configuration. Please refer to FAQ 101436.  
MANUAL HALTIndication that the PCD has been halted by pushing the Run/Halt button (implemented in firmware 1.14.23 and later) 
EXT DEVICE FAILThis message can be generated by PCD systems with FW 1.10.xx; The message is wrong and should be "31 CALL LEVELS".
It indicates a too big nesting level of FB/PBs (if XOB 10 is programmed, it is called in this case)
RESISTERS FAILThe termination resistors of port 3 of a PCD3.M5340 can not be activated due to a firmware restriction, see FAQ 101722. 
Hardware configuration contains errors (e.g. peripheral addresses, modules not supported by the firmware) 



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