How to extend the amount of available Flags on a PCD?

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With firmware version 1.14.23 of the PCD3.Mxxx0 and the PCD2.M5xx0 the amount of available flags has been increased from 8191 to 14335.


Extension of amount of available flags on a PCD
With firmware version 1.14.23 the amount of available flags has been increased from 8191 to 14335. In order to use these flags, the firmware needs to be updated to version 1.14.19 or higher and PG5 2.0.150 (SP1 for PG5 2.0) is to be used.
In the "Build Options" from PG5 2.0 SP1 the range of dynamically used flags can be increased to 14335:

Supported hardware
The following hardware systems support the flag extension:

  • PCD1.M2xx0
  • PCD2.M5xx0
  • PCD3 (see remark below)
  • PCD3 Power CPUs (PCD3.Mxx60)


  • Please note that while the instruction list command set of the PCD fully supports the new range of 14335 flags, it is not possible to use them in "interpreted texts" (where "$Rnnnn" will be replaced by the value of the register with address "nnnn") because the syntaxt for the interpreted texs only supports 4 digits.
    This can lead to problems in case the dynamically addressed flags are used for the "HDLog to File" FBoxes for binary values. If this is the case it is recommended to configure the media allocation for dynamically addressed flags to a maximum of 9999.
  • PCD3 systems with hardware older than "D" (and PCD3.M3020 and PCD3.M3120 with hardware older than E48) can not be updated to firmware version 1.14.xx because these platforms are not equipped with enough memory to hold the firmware 1.14.xx.
  • When updating the firmware of the PCD from a version 1.10.xx to 1.14.xx the content of the memory is lost (user program, hardware configuration, register, flags etc.). Please "upload all" before updating the firmware (for that you can "download all" after updating the firmware. Note that you'll need the USB port after the update (as your S-Bus address might be gone). The reason for this loss of memory is that the memory structure has been changed in order to allow more flags.


PCD3 / Mxxx

PG5 2.0

PCD1 / M2xx0

PCD2 / M5xxx

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