Why is the instruction DSP not supported on Saia PCD® COSinus systems?

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The IL instruction DSP (display value on PCD7.F530 display) is not supported on Saia PCD® COSinus systems. When downloading it to a Saia PCD® COSinus system, the PCD will not go in RUN and give an error message such as "Invalid instruction" (e.g. a PCD2.M480), "Precompiler error" or "Invalid OPCODE" (on a PCD3.M5xx0 with firmware 1.10.16).


Why is the DSP instruction not supported on Saia PCD® COSinus systems?
Since it isn't allowed or even possibe to mount a PCD7.F530 card on a Saia PCD® COSinus system (e.g. a PCD2.M480, a PCD2.M5xx0, a PCD3 or a PCD1.M2xx0) the instruction for accessing the display of the PCD7.F530 is not supported by the CPU.


  • The PCD7.F530 can't be mouned on a PCD2.M170 or on a PCD2.M480 because it could cause a short circuit on the internal bus connector placed right under the slot B1.
  • If a user program containing a DSP instruction is downloaded the PCD2.M480 won't run the program and the error message "Halt reason: invalid instruction" will be entered in the CPU's History.


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