Why is there an offset to the current PCD time in the Trending timestamp of a Web project if the FW 1.20.nn is used?

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If on the PCD the FW 1.20.nn is used and if on the device configurator a time zone is defined then it's possible that on the S-Web Trend Macro the time stamp of the trend values are displayed with a time stamp offset.


The time stamp of the trend values on a S-Web trend does not have the same time as the PCD time (read e.g. with PG5).
The time stamp of the trend values are time shifted for several hours (depending of the selected time zone configured in the PG5 Device Configurator)
Also other macros could have this problem if the PCD instruction SYSRD 7090 is used in the PCD code to read out the PCD time.

The problem is because on the FW version 1.20.nn the instruction 'SYSRD 7090' (=> Read UNIX TIME) give back the number of seconds since 1.1.1970 00:00:00 as UTC time and not as local time.
On FW < 1.20.nn the instruction give back the time as local time.

Other reason
The default Container on the Web Editor project 'MB_tmz_en' is set to 1.
If you want that the timestamp of the trending corresponds to the time of the PCD this Container should be set to 0.

In the FW 1.22.nn and later the timestamp is again in local time and a new instruction is introduced 'SYSRD 7190' which gives back the value of seconds in UTC.
The FW 1.22.nn will coming out end of June 2013



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