Is it possible to download an xx7 firmware to a classic PCD and invers?

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In some cases it is the same hardware, but due to the fact that the system contains a system ID written in EEPROM we can not guarantee that a xx7 PCD works properly with Classic firmware and invers.

Therefore it is not possible to download a Classic firmware to Classic PCDs and xx7 Firmware to xx7 PCDs.


A PCD CPU is bought as xx7 system or as Classic system. As described above, the possibility of a conversion is not guaranteed or offered by Saia-Burgess Controls AG.
There is no service "Convert from xx7 to Classic" or similar available at the repair service.

Additional details

  • PCD2.M1xx, PCD1.M1xx
    The xx7 hardware is not identical to the classic PCD hardware, as result it can not be converted by a firmware change.
  • PCD2.M5, PCD2.M480 and PCD3
    While it could be possible to run a Classic PCD as xx7 PCD (depending on the hardware type etc.), it is e.g. not possible to load a Classic PCD if it was bought as xx7 system (because in this case PG5 will not accept downloading the hardware configuration as the system ID is not correct).



PCD2 / M5xxx

PCD2 / M1xx

PCD2 / M48x

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