Lon Bindings lost after power off / on with FW 1.26.15

FAQ #101999

With Firmware >= 1.26.00, after Power off / on of the PCD, the LON bindings are lost.


The LON communication don’t works anymore after power off/on. In the commissioning tool, e.g. NL220  the Lon node is getting “red” after the function Network –>Test



In the FW 1.26.xx there is a problem with the file update on the Flash cards, the bindings are only updates in the memory but the operation to save them to the filesystem fails. Therefore the binding information is lost after power off / on.



The correction is done with >= 1.26.24. The firmware of the PCD and the LonIP FW have to be updated.

In the commissioning tool e.g. NL220 a Network -> Repair function has to be executed on the node.

Only the FW >= 1.26.00 are concerned. (e.g. FW 1.24.xx is not concerned of this problem)

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