Why do the onboard outputs on a PCD2.M5xxx not work?

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The onboard outputs "Out0" and "Out1" of the PCD2.M5xxx are not working on hardware version "B" and "C".


The onboard outputs "Out0" and "Out1" do not work on a PCD2.M5xxx with hardware version "B" or "C".

The reason for this malfunction is that the functionality is not supported by the version of the CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) programmed on hardware version "B" and "C".

The functionality is given from hardware version "C 1". This update can only be done from Saia-Burgess Controls AG, so the PCD is to be sent to the repair service for the update.

In week 21 of 2008 the version "C 1" has been introduced into production.



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