Which hardware revision of the PCD2.M5_ is needed for firmware 1.14.23?

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Even the firmware filename suggests hardware rev. 'D' is needed this firmware is suitable for revisions 'A' and later.


With PG5 2.0 the current production firmwares gets also installed on the computer. They are located in the directory
"c:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5_20\FW\Classic\" or similar.


The filename for the PCD2.M5_ contains a wrong minimum hardware revision description and is named "PCD2M5xx0_1.14.23(HW min D).blk" by mistake.
So in contrast to the filename the firmware 1.14.23 is applicaple to PCD2.M5xx0 with hardware revision 'A' and later.
The filename will be corrected with the next service pack for PG5 2.0.



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