Is it possible reading the PCD "IP address" from the user program?

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Yes, this is possible by calling the system function (CSF) "IPGetLocalConfig".


For having the possibility to read the current IP configuration from the user program, a specific System Function has been added to the firmware. This function does return the IP address, the subnet mask as well as the default gateway (each address in one register). The returned value contains the full IP address in one register (each byte or the register contains one octed of the IP address):

This System Function is part of the IPD Library. In order to use these functions, the file "" is to be included to the source file where the function is called. This can be done with the line:


The IP configuration can then be read in th following way:

 STHF 0; only call the function  
 DYNF 1; on a rising edge of F0  
 CSF H     S.IPD.Library ; from the IPD library  
  S.IPD.IPGetLocalConfig  ; call the function "IPGetLocalConfig"  
  R 0; (R) returned IP address  
  R 1; (R) returned Subnet mask 
  R 2; (R) returned Default gateway 

Returned IP address (hex):               0xAC100179h
IP address in "Dot-decimal notation": (0xACh = 172, 0x10h = 16, 0x01h = 1, 0x79h = 121)

Firmware versions supporting the GetLocalIPConfig
Please refer to the table below for the first firmware versions that support the "IPGetLocalConfig" function.

PCD System minimal firmware version 

The include file "" from PG5 1.4.300 and earlyer versions needs to be updated in order to "know" this feature. Therefore please download the file "" attached to this FAQ and replace the existing file from PG5 which is located in the "Libs/App" of PG5:

c:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_4\Libs\App\


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