Why does the user program no longer work correctly after a restore from flash?

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In case user program is restored from flash with a PCD3 or PCD2.M5540 with firmware 1.16.xx it is possible (depending on the device configuration) that the restored user program is not complete.


The user program of a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5540 is no longer running correctly (one of the program blocks is no longer executed) after it has been restored from flash. This phenomenon can occur with firmware 1.16.xx and if no extended header is present in the device configuration (this means that no IP address, no modem configuration and no gateway is configured).
In case this problem is suspected on a PCD, it can be verified by creating a "diagnostic file" and checking the beginning of the user program section. If there are "UNEXPECTED OPERAND" and "INVALID OPCODE" in the first section, this PCD is concerned by this problem:

The reason is that during the restore of the program the space required for the extended header is not correcly reserved with firmware versions 1.16.xx.

Please update the firmware of your PCD to 1.16.52 (available on the support page) or later.


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