On a NT PCD the S-Bus slave gateway port doesn't communicate after programm restart of the gateway PCD!

FAQ #101802

If for example a Scada system communicate over S-Bus slave gateway port or S-Bus PGU port with a slave station via a master gateway port then after a programm download to the gateway PCD (or if the gateway PCD is restarted) the S-Bus slave gateway port or the S-Bus PGU port of the gateway SPS is blocked.

In order to communicate again through this ports a system reboot (powerup) of the gateway SPS is needed.

This problem could occur on all communication channels between the PC and the PCD (USB, serial, TCP)


This problem appaers when the gateway station is also communicating with its slave station over the gateway master port!


Update the firmware of the gateway SPS to the version 1.16.74 or later.



PCD3 / Mxxx

PCD1 / M2xx0

PCD2 / M5xxx

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