Incompatibility of old FW and new Profibus DP configurator

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The Profibus DP configurator of PG5 1.3 (older than SP1.3.120) does create configuration files that don't run on a PCD2.M110/120 equipped with FW 080 and older.


The Profibus DP Module can't be initialised. The error LED is lit instead and "PROFIBUS FAIL 000" is entered in the History of the PCD. Profibus DB Master and Slave configurations are concerned.

The reason for this problem is that the Profibus DP configurator (coming along with PG5 1.3.100 or SP1.3.110) will store the configurations in DBX 4. This address isn't available in FW versions up to 080 (since only 4 DBX are available, address 0 included).


  • Either update to the latest official FW for the PCD2

  • Or Update to PG5 SP1.3.120 (or higher)


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PG5 2.0 / Profibus DP

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