What are the differences between firmware 1.10.51 and 1.14.23?

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In July 2010 the firmware 1.14.23 has been introduced into production for the PCD2.M5xx0 and the PCD3.Mxxx0. This FAQ lists the main differences between versions 1.10.51 and 1.14.23.


New features
please note that in order to take advantage of these new features PG5 2.0 SP1 (PG5 2.0.150) is required.

  • Increased amount of available flags (14335 instead of 8191), see FAQ 101447
  • S-Web and FTP Server as well as the IP Enhancements (DHCP, DNS, SNTP and PPP) can be configured in the Device Configurator, see FAQ 101464
  • Webserver access levels can now be configured in the Device Configurator (was before in the WebBuilder settings), see FAQ 101613
  • IEEE floating point values can be displayed on the S-Web server (display format is “e”), see FAQ 101188
  • Number of COBs increased to 32, see FAQ 101467

Main corrections

  • SYSWR for DB backup failed after a lot of backups, see FAQ 101466
  • STXT with more than 512 bytes sent a wrong text, see FAQ 101468
  • The IP address for the Open Data Mode System Function “ConnectTCP” could not be given as constant 

Hardware compatibility of firmware 1.14.23 with PCD3 systems
The firmware 1.14.23 requires a PCD equipped with 4 MB onboard flash. Therefore the minimal hardware versions for installing the 1.14.23 and later are:

 PCD Type Minimal hardware version for FW 1.14.xx
 PCD3.M5xx0 (not the PCD3.M5440)
 PCD3.M6xx0, PCD3.M3330
 Hardware version D
 PCD3.M3020, PCD3.M3120 Hardware version E modification 4 8 (E 48)
 PCD3.M3230, PCD3.M5440 Hardware version D modification 2 8 (D 28)
 PCD3.M2x30 (WAC and Compact)  Hardware version A (no restriction)
 PCD2.M5xx0  Hardware version A (no restriction)

For PCD3 systems older than listed the firmware 1.10.61 is the last firmware which can be installed on these systems. This firmware is and remains available on the support site in parallel to the 1.14.23.


  • When updating from 1.10.xx
    Please note that the user program as well as the communication settings are lost during the firmware update from 1.10.xx to 1.14.xx (or 1.16.xx) 
  • BACnet applications
    The BACnet firmware 1.14.26 is compatible to this new production firmware. Please download the latest BACnet firmware package for PCD firmware 1.14.xx from the support page (link below).


PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

PCD3 / _Firmware Classic

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