A PCD2.W3x0 conflicts with a PCD2.F2xx0 or a PCD2.R6000 on a PCD2.M5xxx

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A hardware conflict on a PCD2.M5xxx between a PCD2.W3x0 plugged to I/O slot 3 and the modules PCD2.F2xx0 and PCD2.R6000 leads to the fact that the communication- and memory modules do not work in this constellation. If the PCD2.W3x0 is removed from the I/O slot 3 the installation is working correctly.


In case a PCD2.W3x0 analogue input module is plugged in the I/O slot 3 (base address 48) the communication modules PCD2.F2xx0 and the memory modules PCD2.R6000 do not work.
The LEDs on a communication module PCD2.F2100, a PCD2.F2210 or a PCD2.F2810 are lit 50% red and 50% green (blinking). The file system of the PCD2.R6000 (SLxFLASH:/) are not visible over e.g. FTP. Only PCD2.M5xxx with hardware version older than C345 are concerned.

The reason for this behavior is a conflict between the PCD2.W3x0 (PCD2.W300, PCD2.W310, PCD2.W340, PCD2.W350, PCD2.W360) and the PCD2.F2xx0 or R6000. This conflict exists only if the PCD2.W3x0 is plugged on the I/O slot 3 (base address 48).


  • This conflict is no longer present with hardware version C345 of the PCD2.M5xxx (the according filter of the I/O bus has been adapted in order not to lead to this conflict).  
  • In case it is not possible to replace the system immediately (or send it to the repair service for having this modification done), the problem can be solved by not using a PCD2.W30x in the I/O slot 3. If the communication module or the memory module is plugged into I/O slot 3 the installation will work correctly.


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