Which Flash chip to use for which usage?

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Some PCD types (Classic and xx7) have stored their firmware on 4 Mbit flash chips plugged on the main board. Further on the user memory/backup memory of many PCDs may be extended by mounting a flash chip. This FAQ contains a list of those memory chips in relation to the usage.


The possible applications for the 4 MBit flash chips

Usage of chipChip typeordering number
FW chip for PCD2.M150A29040B-70F (AMIC)4 502 7341 0


ST39SF040-70 (SST) 


AT49F040-70 (ATMEL) 
FW chip for PCD2.M127/157 (needs FW V3.103)A29040B-70F (AMIC)4 502 7341 0


ST39SF040-70 (SST) 


AT49F040-70 (ATMEL) 
User memory for PCD1.M1x5 and PCD2 Classic (not M170 or M480)AM29F040  4 502 7224 0
Backup memory for PCD2.xx7                    needs FW V2.410AM29F040 4 502 7224 0


AT29C0404 502 7248 0

The possible applications for 1 MBit flash chips

Usage of chipChip typeOrdering number
User memory for PCD1.M1x0, PCD1.M1x5 and PCD2 Classic (not M170 and M480)AM29F0104 502 7141 0
Backup memory for PCD1.M137 and PCD2.xx7AM29F010

4 502 7141 0


PCD1 / M1x0/M1x5

PCD1 / _Firmware xx7

PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

PCD2 / _Firmware xx7

PCD2 / M1xx

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