What are the differences between firmware 1.16.69 and COSinus FW 1.22.61?

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In January 2014 the COSinus FW 1.22.28 was introduced into production for the systems PCD1.M0xx0, PCD1.M2xx0, PCD2.M5xx0, PCD3.Mxxx0, PCD3.Mxx60, PCD3.T665/T666 and PCD7.D4xxxT5F.
The FW 1.22.61 is the latest maintenance firmware for PCD's with 4 MB firmware memory.                 

Firmware 1.22.61 (February 2017)

New features

  • Re-trigger ODM Read Timeout on each read CSF
  • ODM Generate Disconnect event even if Server calls the disconnect

Main corrections

  • Sometimes configuration is lost after download project with self-download tool
  • PCD crash when use DIGI(R)/DIGO(R) with first parameter as FB parameter
  • If PCD2/3.W220 with Pt1000 is used a Significant deviation between channels
  • Improved HTTP session handing: Session cookies have now httpOnly flag set
  • BUS ERROR on STXT instruction if text is empty
  • Add config tag value for GWY mode "data_no_secure" to deasble the secure data mode
  • PCD crash sometimes on download when Smart RIO are not present
  • If broadcast data exchange is used the output telegram is send to only one RIO after a reboot
  • The diagnostic Flags in S-Bus Master mode are not correct if there are collisions on the RS-485 network
  • CSF CopyDBBytesToR crash when destination is bigger than last Register
  • When create a Text/DB the backup fails until a restart is done
  • W380 shows wrong values for PT1000 and PT1000L&S
  • When starting an application with an alarm list name too long (> 25), the PCD halts with a BUS ERROR
  • On PCD7.45x_EM, P-Web panel, Alarm list not loaded after URL jump on a GWY station
  • The ACCU not set High at the begin of the XOB
  • MB display, red cross if picture filename is empty
  • MB display, when scrolling in a Web Editor trend, there was some curve drawing issue
  • Updates on the HDLog trends are not displayed on the Microbrowser App

Firmware 1.22.48 (March 2015)

Main corrections

  • FTP error due of username
  • cgi access trough SBC.NET
  • Solved problem when downloading .sprg file in PG5 with download HTTP
  • History Message CALL LEVELS shows wrong numbers in the text
    Program address is displayed in the level field
  • Fix Profi SIO communication on PCD3.M90, port 10

Firmware 1.22.46 (October 2014)

New features

  • Support of the PCD7.R610 module
    - only as file system memory for the PCD.
    Not supported are on the PCD7.R610:
    - Easy update functionalities => FW update & restore of the application including the Web pages from a *.sprg file.
    -> this functions need the FW 1.24.xx

Main corrections

  • When an additional Alarming2 configuration file (*.asv file) is present in the PCD, the programm is blocked in the start-up sequence.
  • The default GWY is not update correct if the IP address is received from the DHCP server. Only the Global Routing table is updated.
  • Backup/restore doesn't work always on PCD3.M90 or OEM (Zxx) systems 
  • Program Restore with CRC Error
    The program restore when CRC Error occurs the program is only restored if there is not already a restore done (manual or automatic)
  • Improving Performance of PLC in case of Ethernet-Bombarding

Firmware 1.22.28 (January 2014)

New features

  • SBC Logo change
  • Security Update
    • Per default, FTP, Web-Server and S-Bus over IP are deactivated
    • IP filtering
    • New password mechanism for web-server access
    • SFCs for AES128 encryption/decryption
    • Dynamic password for FTP (service key)
  • FTP Passive mode
  • Support new Analog Input Module W380
  • Support PCD2.G200 for PCD1.Mxxx0 & PCD2.M5xx0
  • Mapping of the PCD3.Mxx60 Interrupt Inputs
  • SF to convert time std<->unix time
  • Modbus Master, intercharacter timeout on the slave answer as parameter

Main corrections

  • FTP data connection error, when downloading many files (more than 150 files) the data connection channel can not be open anymore
  • File System compression error if automatic compression is used.
    When the auto compression is active and a "big" file is transfered over FTP (download time > 5 sec), the compression is aborted due to remaining open file.
    After abortion, the compression check is no more executed when downloading file(s)
  • Interpreted texts are not working properly
    Correction of bugs with $bxxxx.yyyyy, @xXnnnnn, $AXnnnnn
  • PCD1.M2110, does allow to access 10 S-Bus or Modbus slaves, now its possible to access 10 slaves independently of their addresses (was 0..9 address range till now)
  • Corrections in relation with BACnet and LON.

Firmware 1.20.25 (March 2013)

Main new Features / Extensions

  • Following new systems are supported:
    PCD1.M0160 ;PCD1 EnergyPlus Controller
    PCD1.M2110R1 ;PCD1 Room Controller
  • Following new modules are supported:
    PCD7.R550M128 ;128MB memory card
    PCD7.R582 ;128MB memory card with LON/IP
    PCD2.F2150 ;BACnet MS/TP com. module
    PCD2.F2400 ;LON FT-10 com. module
  • Support up to 16384 Flags and 16384 Register
  • S-Monitoring
  • Download in Run
  • File System improvements (e.g. date)
  • BACnet extensions (e.g. MS/TP)
  • LON extensions (e.g. FT-10)
  • Access to config parameters via TAGs


  • Introduce "first time init data" in the restore process
  • Improve the reliability of the file system 


PCD3 / Mxxx

PCD7 / D4xx (MB Panel)

PCD1 / M2xx0

PCD2 / M5xxx

PCD3 / T665 | T666

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