Firmware version naming of non-Saia PCD® COSinus systems

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Or "What is the difference between 0-, $- and #-firmware versions?". PCD firmware for non-Saia PCD® COSinus Systems (PCD1, PCD2.M1x0, PCD4, PCD6 and PCS) are named with 3 letters (e.g. 010, B0W or #31). This FAQ explains the meaning of these version and how to figure out which one is more recent.


The firmware version naming of non-Saia PCD® COSinus systems
In general the 3 letters (abc) are used for the following indications:

  • a
    Definition of the kind version this firmware is. The possible versions are the following
    - 0xx versions are "official production versions" (010 is the first official production version)
    - Bxx versions are Beta versions which contain new features compared to the previous production version
    - #xx versions are "customer bug fix versions" of an official production FW version.
    - $xx versions (Pilot version) include new functionalities which are not yet fully tested. Therefore a $-version should only be used in field if the developement gives their ok!
  • b
    The second letter defines the main production version (starting with 01x wich stands for first official production version, followed by 02x (where the 02x has important new features compared to the 01x version
  • c
    The last letter is incremented for each build of the firmware (best observed for the bug-fix versions; #21 is based on the 020 firmware and contains corrections for the 020 firmware version) 

To figure out which version the base version of a bug fix- or pilot version is, have a look at the second character of the corresponding version (e.g. the "1" of the 013). This character indicates the official production version on which the bug fix or pilot version is based on.

010    is the official production version
018    is the production bug fix version of 010; no new functions
#19    is a customer bug fix version based on 018 (and therefore also on 010); no new functions
$19    is a pilot version based on 010 with new functions. The bug fixes done for e.g. 019 probably aren't implemented in this version! (the new features will be added to the production firmware versions in 020 or later.

Early versions of the Saia PCD® COSinus systems (PCD2.M480, PCD3, PCD2.M5) up to 039 were named with this system as well. In order to reduce confusion concerning features of a firmware the new firmware naming has been applied (see FAQ 100741).



PCD1 / _Firmware Classic

PCD2 / _Firmware Classic

PCD3 / _Firmware Classic

PCD4 / _Firmware

PCD6 / _Firmware

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