What does CSF stand for?

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As the "original" Instruction List Set (with the mnemonics STH, OUT etc.) could not be extended by an unlimited amount of new instructions, the call of new features such as the Open Data Mode, Sending of EMails etc. is realised with so called SFs (which stands fro "System Function"). These SFs are called using CSF instructions (Call System Function).


What is a SF library?
A System Function library is a a set of functions which are implemented in the firmware and which can be called with the IL mnemonic CSF. Usually one SF library contains several functions which are related to each other. A CSF expects the SF library and the function from this library, together with a set of parameters (described in the online help of the SF library which can be found in the IL Editor SEdit from PG5 2.0).

How is a CSF used?
In the user program a SF function is called using the mnemonic CSF, followed by the library, the function and the parameters:
CSF     [cc]     Library
                    Parameter 1
                    Parameter 2

This can be done from inside an FBox, or directly from an IL program (as the engineering is faster using the FBoxes, the most CSFs are called from FBox libraries).
The "translation" between meaningful names (e.g. S.SF.DBLIB.CopyTextBytes) and the code which is used by the firmware is done by PG5. For a list of the most commonly used SF libraries, please refer to FAQ 101568.


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