Web-Panel with Micro-Browser, with Saia PCD® COSinus operating system

  • The SBC Micro-Browser panels (MB Panels) are based on the Saia PCD® COSinus operating system. The web pages displayed on these panels are created in the S-Web Editor which is part of the Saia PG5® Controls Suite.

pWeb-Panel with Micro-Browser, with integrated programmable logic controller based on Saia PCD® COSinus operating system

  • On the pWeb Panels, in addition to the functions of the standard MB panel, a programmable logic controller is integrated.
    Based on the COSinus operating system of the Saia PCD®, specific, complex control logic and local data processing logic can be implemented in one device. The priority here are the operating and visualisation functions that enable small control systems to be implemented. The control functions have a lower priority.

Cyber secure touch Web-Panel with Linux operating system

  • The cyber secure touch Web-Panel with Linux operating system are delivered with an HTML5 Chromium Browser to access PCD Web-Server or any other HTML5 web-server. The HTML5 web pages displayed on these panels could be created with the S-Web Editor8 which is part of the PG5 Controls Suite and the QronoX ECS or with the Saia PCD Supervisor.

  • 4.3"
  • PCD7.D543RF
    Resistive touchscreen

  • 4.3” TFT 15:9 - 64K, 480 × 272,
    Linux 3.12, ARM Cortex-A8 - 1 GHz

  • 7"
  • PCD7.D570RF
    Resistive touchscreen

    Capacitive touchscreen

  • PCD7.D570RF: 7” TFT 15:9 - 64K, 800 × 480, WVGA,
    Linux RT, ARM Cortex-A9 dual core - 800 MHz

    PCD7.D570CF: 7” TFT 15:9 - 16M, 800 × 480, WVGA,
    Linux RT, ARM Cortex-A9 dual core - 800 MHz

  • 10.1"
  • PCD7.D510CF
    Capacitive touchscreen

  • 10.1” TFT 16:10 - 16M, 1280 × 800, WXGA,
    Linux RT, ARM Cortex-A9 dual core - 800 MHz

  • 15.6"
  • PCD7.D515CF
    Capacitive touchscreen

  • 15.6” TFT - 16M, 1366 × 768, HD,
    Linux RT, ARM Cortex-A9 quad core - 800 MHz

  • 21.5"
  • PCD7.D521CF
    Capacitive touchscreen

  • 21.5” TFT - 16M, 1920 × 1080, full HD,
    Linux RT, ARM Cortex-A9 quad core - 800 MHz

Web-Panel with Windows® operating system

  • The Web-Panel with Windows® operating system are delivered with an image including the SBC.Net WebConnect, a MicroBrowser (CE versions only) and additional useful tools. The web pages displayed on these panels are created in the S-Web Editor which is part of the PG5 Controls Suite.

  • 21"
  • WUXGA 1920 x 1080, TFT, Win 7, I7 quadcore


  • 10.4"
  • PCD7.D5100TL




  • SVGA 800x600, TFT, Win CE, Geode LX
    SVGA 800x600, TFT, Win CE, Atom
    SVGA 800x600, TFT, Win eXP, Geode LX
    SVGA 800x600, TFT, Win eXP, Atom

  • 15.0"
  • PCD7.D5150TL




  • XGA 1024x768, TFT, Win CE, Geode LX
    XGA 1024x768, TFT, Win CE, Atom
    XGA 1024x768, TFT, Win XP, Geode LX
    XGA 1024x768, TFT, Win XP, Atom

PCD7 / Dxxx Terminals

  • Micro Browser Monochrome Display contrast changes (FAQ #100718)
  • On Microbrowser panels with harware version <$C it is not possible to store teq- and gif-files on the panel. (FAQ #100576)
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  • Fkeys don't work on PCD7.D16_ with HMI editor! (FAQ #100175)

S-Web Technology

  • On HTML5 Web-Projects, created with Web-Editor8, why it is not possible to transfer the user and password after a url jump as it was possible on Java/MB? (FAQ #102035)
  • HDLog in WE8: slow navigation (FAQ #101965)
  • What means the error "Out of memory heap 3" (FAQ #101962)
  • Why I get Message Window"Do you want to run this application?" by starting a Webproject? (FAQ #101952)
  • Why IMaster Java Applet no longer run with Chrome? (FAQ #101951)
  • After a „Reload“, the displayed HDLog Trend is not focused on the right, most actual, time (FAQ #101945)
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  • Why after a update of the Microbrowser Android app to the version 2.0.0_4 the error message 'file not found' is shown? (FAQ #101918)
  • Why the error message ‘no such component found’ is shown on the web page? (FAQ #101917)
  • After the update of Java to Java version 7, (update 6 or 7) a Java warning message is shown on my PC browser when accessing a web page stored on the PCD. (FAQ #101793)
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  • Are there known problems when accessing the PCD FTP server with FileZilla? (FAQ #101586)
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  • What do parameters 'speed' and 'priority' mean which get displayed on the status page of the PCD? (FAQ #101513)
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  • Problem with the FBox HD Log to File if the dynamic space of registers is defined as <1000 or >=10 000 (FAQ #101429)
  • Why is the same entry created several times by the "HDLog to File" FBox library? (FAQ #101421)
  • Which GIF-file formats are supported by the SBC S-Web technologies and how can I generate such GIFs? (FAQ #101409)
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  • S-Web Editor 5.13.00 dependencies (FAQ #100810)
  • Why are the Webpages not always displayed? How to adjust the timeout of the WebServer? (FAQ #100808)
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  • Installed F-Boxes are not available (FAQ #100723)
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  • Internet Explorer 7 does not support FTP connection (FAQ #100703)
  • Alarming: When OnLine in fupla, FBox 10 Alarm displays xxxx instead of the values! (FAQ #100694)
  • The PCD goes in HALT with a BUS ERROR if many accesses to the WebServer are executed (FAQ #100658)
  • Why is the Internet Browser frozen after a few hours (FAQ #100648)
  • Why is the message "syntax error" / "syntax error in tag" displayed instead of a value (FAQ #100632)
  • Why are negativ values not displayed correctly? (FAQ #100630)
  • URL Jump doesn't work with Microbrowser CE Terminal (FAQ #100617)
  • What file names are allowed in the Web-Editor (FAQ #100552)
  • Why is the message: "cannot create page content yet" appears from time to time (FAQ #100527)
  • If I want to display Web pages on a PCD Web Panel CE, what is the difference between the use of Internet Explorer and the Micro Browser? (FAQ #100506)
  • How to use the display of the MicroBrowser on the PCD Web Panel CE in full screen mode? (FAQ #100505)
  • How to store a web page content which was uploaded from the PCD in to a Excel sheet? (FAQ #100476)
  • Why does the error message "Can't generate ...web.itq length is 0" appers when generating a file with the Webbuilder? (FAQ #100429)
  • PCD2.M170 or PCS1: WEB Server works only if a WEB project is downloaded in the PCD! (FAQ #100380)
  • Why does the web page show "No component selected" instead of the media value? (FAQ #100379)
  • What tools/technology should be used to create pages for the SBC-S-Web concept? (FAQ #100020)

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.