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Saia PCD® QronoX ECS

  • The name of the new controller Saia PCD® QronoX is drawn from “chronos”, the Greek word for “time”.

    In addition, the clock serves as a symbol of Switzerland’s industrial culture and represents its high level of precision.

    The new controller embodies both of these qualities.


    The QNX operating system excels with the help of its precise real time and high degree of availability.

    The time required to execute tasks is controlled, and a related monitoring system provides the necessary transparency in real time.

    The use of a normalised programming language for industrial control purposes assures many years of operation that will extend across generations.

    This will prevent overdependence on fleeting technologies and passing fads.


    At the same time, state-of-the-art cyber security methods team up with comprehensive networking to clear the way to the future.

Naming & system overview and order details

Naming & system overview

  • Saia PCD® QronoX
    The name of the new control system that delivers hardware, firmware and a programming software tool
  • Saia PCD® QronoX ECS
    The new software "QronoX ECS" (Engineering and Commissioning Suite)
  • Saia PCD® QronoX IEC-Controller
    The reworked hardware, based on the industrial PLC programming standard IEC 61131-3

Order details

  • PCD3.M6893
    IEC 61131-3 high-level language programming PLC
  • PCD8.QronoX-SSA
    Service and Support agreement on an annual base for two registered users
    Access to the Saia PCD QronoX Portal 
  • PCD8.QronoX-Tbase
    IEC 61131-3 Online programming workshop, 40h compact knowledge

Features of Saia PCD® QronoX

  • Powerful and efficient engineering

    • IEC 61131-3 industrial standard
    • High level language programming
    • Object oriented
    • Benefit from a large community
  • Encryption keeps your data safe

    • Encrypted user filesystem
    • Large storage media for historical data
    • Supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB
    • Separate Backup partition for device restore
  • PLC for cybersecure applications

    • Based on standard ANSI ISA 62443
    • Security level SL3+, by time upgrade to SL4
    • Encrypted communication
    • Role based account management
  • Compatible with PCD3 I/O system

    • Full Modular I/O System
    • Reuse of robust and proven modules
    • Easy upgrade existing installations

QronoX Portal

  • On the QronoX Portal you get exclusively access to the news blog.
    You will find all relevant information around the Saia PCD QronoX system there.
    New features, fixed issues, application notes and an outlook.
    Tutorials, Getting Started and Training material is also accessible via this portal.
    Firmware, software and training modules are ONLY available for download via the Saia PCD QronoX Portal with a valid license.


    Easy and clearly arranged

    With a simple filter and search function you find fast what you are searching for. Over a “popular” and “sticky” view you get fast access to relevant topics. Important information we sent out over a push function via email.


    License & user management

    Find under "My License" all relevant information for your license. A countdown gives you a transparent overview how long your license is valid. You will receive a reminder at the portal and via email if your license is running out. No automatic renewal takes place, it needs a new order. Over “My Account” you see all data what we have stored from you. Most of it you can easy update direct in the portal. These data are NOT sync with our CRM system.


    How to access?

    The user must order the yearly "Service and Support agreement (PCD8.QronoX-SSA)" via Order Processing. The users (maximum two per license) get access to the portal and can download all stuff as long as the license is valid. After the license is running out, you have still access to the portal but can't download anything. To get the download access back, you need to order a new yearly "Service and Support agreement".
    To get just "view" access without a license is not possible.

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.