PCD7.D7__ Ethernet Driver: error in commande function!

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When using the commande function which allows for example the writing of the hardware clock from PLC to Terminal PCD7.D7-- over Ethernet connection the 2 first words are swapped.

Normally the 1st word 0 contains the command the VT has to carry out and the 3 others word contain the parameters. This works well in S Bus driver but with Ether S Bus the two first words are swapped.

This means it is so with this error:

            Word 0 is Parameter 1

            Word 1 is commande

            Word 2 is Parameter 2

            Word 3 is Parameter 3


In order to solve that problem the attached file vtwindev.dbr has to be copied in the main directory PCD8.D81W software, this will replace the existing file.

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