• PCD7.D6xxxTL

  • Windows eXP Web panels

    with Geode LX800 processor


System Catalogue : Control Panels HMI

Extract 26-215_A0200 System Catalogue : Control Panels HMI

HMI Visualization and operating

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Windows Technologies & Saia PCD®

System Info PP26-456 Windows Technologies & Saia PCD®



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PCD7.D61x0TL010 Web Panel eXP series

Manual 26-865 PCD7.D61x0TL010 Web Panel eXP series



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Wall mounting set for Web Panels CE&eXP

Manual 26-872 Wall mounting set for Web Panels CE&eXP



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Datasheet PP26-506 Wall-mounting-set-for-Web-Panel

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Mounting Instruction & User Guides for Web-Panel (Quickstart guide)

Tutorial 4 319 5041 0 Mounting Instruction & User Guides for Web-Panel (Quickstart guide)



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MicroBrowser setup and configuration guide (idem CE Panels)

Flyer MicroBrowser setup and configuration guide (idem CE Panels)

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Web Panel images

Good to know

Until end of 2006 there has been an additional type of eXP web panels, the PCD7.D6xxxTVxxx has been sold. This panels have been replaced by the PCD7.D6xxxTMxxx. The difference is that the TV series are equipped with a Via processor while the TM are equipped with a Celeron M processor. The two panel types do have the same main dimensions, but the TM series do have a smaller CPU housing and more USB ports and two LAN interfaces.

PCD7 / D6xxx (Windows eXP)

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