Why does the IP communication not work with firmware 0F0?

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Due to an error in the firmware 0F0 the IP communication does not work on the following systems:

PCD1.M1x5, PCD2.M150, PCD2.M170


The IP communication does not work (and the firmware 0F0 is installed on the PCD). When going online over Socket this leads to an 68k Address Error and the CPU goes in HALT.

There is an error in the firmware 0F0 which leads to this problem.

Please update to firmware version 0F1 which is available on the support site.
In case you do not have access to the internet, it is also possible downgrade to a firmware from before 0F0 (e.g. 0E6).

The firmware version 0F0 has been introduced to the production in February 2010 and has been available on the support site since March 2010 until April 2010 (release of the 0F1).



PCD1 / M1x0/M1x5

PCD2 / M1xx

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