Can I run BACnet and LON on the same PCD at the same time?

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In the system catalogue there is a schematic of a PCD connected to a BACnet/IP network which could lead to a missinterpretation. Although BACnet is supported by a PCD3 or a PCD2.M5xx0 and LON on IP will be suppored in future, it won't be possible to run both stacks on the same PCD at the same time.


Why is it not possible to run BACnet and LON at the same time?
This limitation is caused by the rather high usage of ressources (performance and memory) from both these firmware extensions. While there is no problem to run one of these firmware extensions, the currently available PCD systems do not support both firmware extensions at the same time.
It is intended to provide a solution for BACnet and LON on the same PCD but this requires a new PCD system in future.

Why is this schematics printed in the System catalogue?
The aim of this schematic is to show that both protocols are supported, but not to indicate that both protocols can be used at the same time. If the PCD is running the LON stack, the other communication could e.g. be Ether-S-Bus.

How can I realize a gateway from BACnet to LON with PCD systems?
The currently only solution is the realisation with two systems, which could e.g. be connected with Ether-S-Bus.



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