How to configure a LON interface on a PCD1 / PCD2?

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The PCD must be equipped with a PCD7.F8xx module and RAM is to be mounted on the memory socket, with the "memory use" set to RAM (the binding does not work with a Flash).


The RAM Text and RAM DB have to be set to the following range:
- PCD1: 2000-2499, 2500-2599
- PCD2: 4000-4499, 4500-4999

If 1 Mbit RAM is used the user memory should soon be too small, it is recommended to use 4 Mbit RAM.
For a PCD1 we recommend to use maximal 400-600 SNVT.
For other PCD the theoretical limit is 4095 SNVT.

How to save the binding in a Flash?

Follow these steps:
¨      Bind the network using RAM on all PCD
¨      Execute an upload dBx and rebuild (all)
¨      Replace the RAM with flash on all PCD at wish
¨      Download the program again, this goes now in flash



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