"Send SMS extended" FBox and PCD1.M1x0 and PCD2.M110/120

FAQ #101163

The FBox "send SMS" now supports the funktion "$-commands in text" (which is set default "Yes") which is not supported on PCD1.M1x0 and PCD2.M110/PCD2.M120.


Only empty texts are sent in SMS messages if the option "$-commands in text" is set to "Yes" and a PCD1.M1x0 is used. While sending the SMS message, the error led of the PCD is lit.

The feature "$-commands in text" is not supported by the PCD1.M1x0 and the PCD2.M110/120.
Please refer to FAQ 100786 for detailed list of PCD systems and firmware versions supporting the "$-commands in text".

For PCD1.M1x0 set the "$-commands in text" funktion on "No".

PCD1.M1x5 do support "$-commands in text".



PCD1 / M1x0/M1x5

PG5 2.0 / Modem

PCD2 / M1xx

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