PG5 2.2 program Examples


In many cases an example explains more than an elaborate manual. The examples in this section of the support site are written with the aim to provide a fast and efficient way to show the functionality of a specific feature of the Saia PCD® systems. The examples are created with the experience made during workshops and shall respond to questions that come up in the daily support business. The documentation that comes with the example (have a look in the "Documentation" folder of the PG5 projects) indicates important points to be considered.

Structure of the examples

The general structure of the examples always contains the following key parts:

  • a functional PG5 project
  • the definition of the required hard- and software
  • an explanation for a fast commissioning of the example
  • an explanation of the specific parts of the program / project

Installation / Restoring an example

For the installation of the project on your PC, first download the ZIP file and then restore the project using the "Restore..." function of the PG5 Project Manager menu "Project".

Required experience in programming Saia PCD® systems

The mentioned level is an indication about the required experience in Saia PCD® Classic programming. This doesn't mean that a beginner couldn't realize an application indicated with the level: hard, it only means that the user needs to study some more background documentation.
The range of the levels is divided in the following stages: easy, medium and hard.

PG5 2.1

  • Are devices or software developed from Saia-Burgess Controls affected by the Domain Name System (DNS) vulnerabilities, published with the report name NAME:WRECK? (FAQ #102046)
  • Why the PG5 Update manager does not work, error message ‘An error occurred during the connection to the sever’ is displayed? (FAQ #102037)
  • E-mail forwarding service is currently not available (FAQ #102034)
  • Why the PG5 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 update manger application is no more working and it’s not possible to download files from PG5 update manager server? (FAQ #102020)
  • Shall I use PG5 2.3, PG5 2.2, 2.1, 2.0 or PG5 1.4 for my next project? (FAQ #102018)
  • PG5 2.1 and 2.2 with E-Line S-Bus communication library < 1.2.110, why the S-Bus communication on the master PCD stops either after a certain time? (FAQ #102009)
  • PG5 2.1 and PG5 2.2 with S-Bus communication library 2.7.370, why the S-Bus communication on the master PCD stops either after a certain time or after the download of the program? (FAQ #102008)
  • Why it’s not possible to access over serial PGU or S-Bus to the PCD, error message ‘Error 99: Can’t open port comx’ is shown in the PG5 debugger? (FAQ #101977)
  • It’s possible to suppress the PCD Alarms on BACnet? (FAQ #101975)
  • CallSMS FBox with Error 535 (FAQ #101972)
  • How to display information that can be found in Programinfo.txt in a Web project? (FAQ #101971)
  • Why on the project manager of PG5 2.1.430 adding Files to the project with the option ‘Add Files’ does crash the project manager? (FAQ #101970)
  • On PG5 2.1.430 why on a Graftec program the symbol Editor does no more work after a drag and drop of a PG5 resource from the symbol editor in to the Graftec step/transition? (FAQ #101968)
  • How I can send an email with variable attachment? (FAQ #101966)
  • Why, on PG5 2.1.420 after a build the information “Licensed to: NOT REGISTERED” is shown on the message window? (FAQ #101964)
  • Why, on PG5 2.1.420 the S-Bus settings on a PCS1 are removed after a program download to the PCS1? (FAQ #101963)
  • HMI Editor in PG5 2.1.420 build error "Unexpected text.” (FAQ #101961)
  • Do I need to re-install my third-party libraries from Engiby after updating to PG5 2.1.4xx? (FAQ #101944)
  • Why on PG5 version =< 2.1.311 when doing a restore of a project, the error message "The parameter is incorrect" is shown? (FAQ #101924)
  • Why after an update of the memory management FBox, the error LED of the FBox is switched on? (FAQ #101914)
  • Crash of PG5 during Cross-Reference (FAQ #101913)
  • Why is the warning 'Saia PG5 file associations are not for this PG5 version' showed in PG5 2.1? Why the F-Box installer of PG5 2.0 is open instead of the PG5 2.1 by double-clicking on a F-Box library installer? (FAQ #101909)
  • After update of a PG5 program from PG5 2.1.210 to PG5 2.1.310 the symbol definitions in Graftec are lost. (FAQ #101906)
  • Why the message "the program needs to be rebuild,..." is displayed when trying to go on line? (FAQ #101892)
  • Do I need to re-install my third-party libraries (e.g. from Engiby) after updating to PG5 2.1.3xx? (FAQ #101880)
  • After the update of PG5 to PG5 2.1.210, why the Ether-S-Bus communication which was working correctly before, doesn’t work anymore? (FAQ #101874)
  • On PG5 2.1 the 'fatal error 2004' is shown after building a project where a smart RIO PCD3.T665/T666 is used. (FAQ #101871)
  • Beim Import von Fupla- Seiten in der PG5 2.1.210 werden die Fbox- Namen nicht geändert (FAQ #101868)
  • With PG5, the PCS1 userprogram don't works correctly (FAQ #101832)
  • With PG5 2.1.100, why do I get the error "LONIP FAIL 1007" (FAQ #101831)
  • On PG5 2.0 and 2.1.100 it's not possible to compile a HMI editor project, the message is displayed: Operation is not allowed when objet is closed! (FAQ #101829)
  • HMI Editor display simulation isn't displayed properly and does not work! (FAQ #101693)
  • Is the "Modbus 1" FBox library from Engiby available for PG5 2.0, PG5 2.1 or PG5 2.2? (FAQ #101481)
  • The special FBox library PCD7_D7 is now available for PG5 2.0. (FAQ #101356)
  • Shall I use PG5 2.3, PG5 2.2, 2.1, 2.0 or PG5 1.4 for my next project? (FAQ #101282)
  • Is PG5 2.0 or PG5 2.1 compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8? (FAQ #101128)
  • Which PG5 version is compatible with what operating system? (FAQ #100405)

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.