Why on the project manager of PG5 2.1.430 adding Files to the project with the option ‘Add Files’ does crash the project manager?

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Due of an error in PG5 2.1.430 the function ‘Add Files’ on the project manager, Program Files menu does crash the project manager as soon as a selected external file should be added to the project.



Either do not use the function ‘Add Files’ to add other files to the project but,
copy/paste the files in to the project
extract the file Spm52.exe from the attached zip file and do copy/paste the file to the PG5 installation directory.
c:\Program Files\SBC\PG5 V2.1.430\

New Spm52.exe has the version 2.1.430.4 old Spm52.exe which cause the problem is the version 2.1.430.0



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