Do I need to re-install my third-party libraries from Engiby after updating to PG5 2.1.4xx?

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In general No, except if you use the Modbus2 library.

After updating PG5 from PG5 2.1.3xx to PG5 2.1.400, the following products from third-party provider Engiby need to be updated:

  •     Modbus2 (minimum version: 2.7.400)

Due to the fact that PG5 2.1.400 has added additional checks which lead to errors on compilation, the library needs to be updated to comply with the new added checks.

Please refer to the link below to download the latest version of the Modbus2 library (minimum version for PG5 2.1.400 is Modbus2 version 2.7.400):
    Link to Engiby libraries and Add-on tools for PG5 2.1.3xx and 2.1.400 


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