Why the message "the program needs to be rebuild,..." is displayed when trying to go on line?

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For example when a project has been transfer to another PC, the message "the program needs to be rebuild, or there are unsaved files still open" is displayed and it might not be possible to go online with the user program!



If on PG5 a file needs to be re-built, the PG5 project manager usually displays a message in the messages window which tells you the file name which needs to be build.

Possible reasons:
- the PC's clock was set to an earlier date/time than the PC from which the project was copied
- the backup was "source files only", the generated binary files are not backed up
- some of the library files are different, a re-build is needed to use the changed libraries
- files in other directories (not subdirectories of the device or project) were not backed up
- an output file of an add-on tool is missing


If the program code has not been changed then you can still go online by pressing OK.

You can use the "Online / Compare Program" command to check if the programs are the same or not before going online.

If the program are the same then the build warning can be ignored.

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