On PG5 2.1 the 'fatal error 2004' is shown after building a project where a smart RIO PCD3.T665/T666 is used.

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After building a PG5 2.1 project which does include smart RIO Network the error message
Fatal Error 2004: File specified more than once: Device1.obj" appears.


This error occurs if one of the program files of the smart RIO manager does have the same name as the smart RIO manager. (On the picture above 'Device1')

The name of the smart RIO manager and the names of the program files of the smart RIO manager have to be different.
-> Change either the name of the smart RIO manager or do change the name of the program file of the smart RIO manager so that they are different.


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PCD3 / T665 | T666

PG5 2.1

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