CallSMS FBox with Error 535

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If we try to send an SMS message with a GSM modem and the FBox SendSms. The CallSMS FBox is in Error with the Error code 535.


Probably a wrong SMS Service Center Number is configured.

It can be a typing Error or the SMS Service Center doesn't fit to the SIM card because it was exchanged with the card from another provider.



Use the correct number. The number for SMS Server must normally be divided in at least 2 parts. Tf number 1 / Tf number 2. Each part of the number can have 8 digits. Keep attention that if you do copy / paste from numbers that are available e.g. in the FBox-help that all numbers are correctly copied. Keep attention to use the protocol “GSM Text” in the protocol option of the Call SMS FBox.






PG5 2.0

PG5 2.1

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