On PG5 2.1.430 why on a Graftec program the symbol Editor does no more work after a drag and drop of a PG5 resource from the symbol editor in to the Graftec step/transition?

FAQ #101968

Due of an error in PG5 2.1.430 the symbol editor in Graftec does stop to work and does show the following error message:


Do unzip the attached file and copy/overwrite the attached file ‘SRMDB52.dll’ to the PG5 installation folder:
c:\Program Files\SBC\PG5 V2.1.430\ SRMDB52.dll

New SRMDB52.dll has the version 2.1.430.1
old SRMDB52.dll which cause the problem is the version 2.1.430.0




PG5 2.1

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