Do I need to re-install my third-party libraries (e.g. from Engiby) after updating to PG5 2.1.3xx?

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Yes, because the installation directory of PG5 2.1.3xx has changed the licensed third-party libraries and add-on tools need to be re-installed after the upgrade from PG5 to 2.1.3xx.


After updating PG5 from a previous version of PG5 to PG5 2.1.300, 2.1.310 or higher, the following products from third-party providers Engiby need to be reinstalled:

  • FBox libraries (which need a license), e.g. M-Bus driver, IEC 101- and IEC 104 driver, ESPA 4.4.4 driver etc.
  • Add-on tools (e.g. NG-Configurator, NG-MScan2, NG-Trace etc.)

Note that the installer for this installation must also be updated!


Due to the fact that PG5 2.1.300 and higher does install the executables to other directories than previous versions, the installer of third-party libraries (e.g. the one from Engiby) does no longer find the required executables to register its keys.
As soon as a current verison of the installer is used the registration works without problems.


Please contact the provider of your third-party library to obtain a version supporting PG5 2.1.3xx.
Customers from Engiby can use the following link to download the most commonly used libraries:


PG5 2.1

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