How I can send an email with variable attachment?

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You want to change the file name of the attachment. Because you log every day trends and save them daily in a new .csv file. The actually date is coded in the file name. Now you want to send an email every day with the actually file. See the PG5 example below.


In the attached example the data’s will be stored daily. If you store the data’s weekly or monthly you have to adapt the program especially the file name in the log file inside of the SendMail FBox.

Additionally in the example is the function implemented that you can give directly the SMTP server name and the IP Address is not needed. The advantage is if your provider change the IP address you do not need to adapt the program see FAQ 101850 for more information about this topic.



PG5 2.0 / E-Mail

PG5 2.0

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PG5 2.1 / Fupla

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