Points to consider when returning modules for repair

Each repair returns require an RMA number (RMA = Return Material Authorization)
This number identifies your returning goods at our receiving.
Without this number, no returns will be accepted.


Procedure for repair returns:

1. For each module, do fill a "Form for returned goods" which is available in serveral languages below of this text.

2. Send the form/s to:


3. You receive from us with e-mail a "RMA Form" which contains the following information: 

  • - RMA number
  • - Customer Information
  • - A list of all modules contained in your "Form/s for returned goods"
  • - Short error description 

4. Send the modules, the "Form/s for returned goods" and the "RMA Form"


Return address for all EU (European Union) customers:
SBC Deutschland GmbH
Kühne-und-Nagel-Platz 1
47229 Duisburg


Return address for non EU and Swiss customers:
Honeywell Givisiez
Route Jo-Siffert 4
1762 Givisiez


Good to know:

The forms can be filled in with acrobat reader, if you want to store them you need either a full version of acrobat (pretty expensive) or a free/shareware alternative like foxitreader.

Form for returned goods

Sales Support Form for returned goods

DUT08 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
ENG08 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
FRA08 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
GER08 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
ITA08 .pdf 0.08 MB Download
NOR08 .pdf 0.08 MB Download

What to do if getting a repair report is essential:

If getting a repair report is essential, please select the option "repair report required" in the form for returned goods.


Error description:

Please do not forget to provide an error description, that allows to understand why the module is returned. A description like "module defective" is not enough, we need to know what did not fulfill your expectations from a technical point of view.


Products that are no longer repaired:

The PLC technology is known for long product live cycles, and we ensure a repair service for 5 year after the phase out of a product. After 30 years in the PLC business, we have got modules that are not longer repaired. Before returning an old product, please consult the list provided here. If your product is on the list, no repair service is available anymore, but we can in some cases provide replacement module in limited quantities. Please contact your local sales company to check the availability of such a replacement module.

End of repair list

Sales Support End of repair list

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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.