After update of a PG5 program from PG5 2.1.210 to PG5 2.1.310 the symbol definitions in Graftec are lost.

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It's possible to update a PG5 project which include also Graftec files from PG5 2.1.210 to PG5 2.1.310 and compile and download the project in to the PCD.

But after making some changes in the Graftec project it's no more possible to compile any more the project and all symbol definitions in Graftec are lost.



The symbol definitions are not lost they still exist in the .sfc file but in PG5 2.1.310 the symbol definition are implemented in a another way then before.
This is the reason why the texts are not shown in the symbol editor.


This error will be corrected in the next version of PG5 2.1.3xx (>310)

Workaround for PG5 2.1.310 version:

Open the .sfc File with a text editor and add the Line ";USER"

like in the following example:



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