Why on PG5 version =< 2.1.311 when doing a restore of a project, the error message "The parameter is incorrect" is shown?

FAQ #101924

If a corrupted Backup is restored with PG5, it might block any further restore of other project.


This error appears when the user tries to restore a project in which one or more files where corrupted.


 This zip file could contains files with no date for example.

Once, this File is used for restore, it becomes impossible to restore any other project.
It does not matter if the new backup is corrupted or not.
PG5 does copy all files, then it detects that something is wrong and stop the restore.
In the meantime, as it does not recognize these corrupted files, it can not delete them.

This behavior was corrected, and will be part of future versions  (starting from PG5 2.1.400)

Temporary solution:
delete the temporary  folder “SPMRestore” (see screenshot below): 
In the Path:



Then you will be able to restore again the other Projects


PG5 2.1

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