After the update of PG5 to PG5 2.1.210, why the Ether-S-Bus communication which was working correctly before, doesn’t work anymore?

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Due of an error on PG5 2.1.210, then IP-Node information is not stored correctly on the application program.

This could lead to the situations that after a program download with PG5 2.1.210 the Ether-S-Bus communication doesn’t work anymore between some stations.


To solve the problem, copy the attached file Spm52.exe (version or higher) to the PG5 2.1.210 installation folder, compile again the concerned CPU and do load the concerned CPU to the PCD.

This version will be included also in the next patch for PG5 2.1.210


How to know if the project is concerned about this problem?
The information stored on the PG5 TCP/IP Settings table is converted in to a .src file and this .src file is downloaded to the PCD.

The name of the file is ‘_TCPIPDBX.src’ and each Ether-S-Bus PCD does have his own file.

During runtime, the PCD does check this information to know which TCP/IP address belongs to which S-Bus IP Node.
If the file is not complete then the PCD is not able to know the TCP/IP address of the server.

The file does have to contain the same information as the TCP/IP Settings table.

Means that on the file ‘_TCPIPDBX.src’:
- the section ‘Server IP Address List’ the total amount of servers has to be listed with the same amount
  as on the TCP/IP settings table.
- the section ‘;Array of Server IP Addresses’ does have to contain all of the IP addresses
  of the servers as shown in the TCP/IP settings table.

If the information’s on the ‘_TCPIPDBX.src’ file are not the same as on the TCP/IP Settings table, then it’s necessary to use the new Spm52.exe file.

On the example below, the IP node #30 is not listed on the file ‘_TCPIPDBX.src’
TCP/IP table:


File ‘_TCPIPDBX.src’ which does show only 33 server addresses and the IP node#30 is not shown

After the update of the Spm52.exe and compilation of the project, the file does contain also the node#30 reference as also the total number of server IP addresses is correct.





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